Punta Cana Zipline TourFinally, the most exhilarating zipline tour available in the Dominican Republic is the new Canopy Adventure Zipline Tours and Excursions opened recently in Anamuya, Bavaro, just a short distance from Punta Cana for an excellent half day tour. You already know about or have been to zipline tours or similar sites, but this attraction has the broadest course with cables up to 700 meters long that are built within the canopies of the trees and provide the best jungle view!


The adrenalin will start to flow even as you begin your training with our professional guides. After your safety equipment has been securely placed and all tour instructions given, only then will you be allowed to step up to your first platform and attach to the safety cables before it is your turn to experience your first “flying” sensation as you traverse from tree to tree!


Our dual cable configuration ensures the highest form of safety allowing you to complete each cable and control your navigation. As you advance through each stage of the Punta Cana Zipline Tours, our guides will be present to continue to assist you in every way. Even when you are walking through our jungle trails to get to the next tree, you can learn all about the beautiful flora and fauna from our experts guides.


After you experience the excitement, the amazing environment, you can relax at our base where fresh fruit, coffee and water are available.


The fun does not have to end. For an additional charge, you can take your tour back home with an extended DVD memory of you, the cables, and the jungle!


This will be the highlight of your vacation. It is an adrenaline rush that you will never forget!